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Das Condo der Scharms in Shorewalk - Bradenton

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Welcome to our Website!   you are looking for a vacation apartment in Florida? Well, you found it. We offer a 1250 Sq.Ft. Condo in a well kept vacation resort. Located in the Heart of Bradenton. Just browse through the sites and get your own impression. If you're interested just send an E- Mail to A wish from our side: If you have suggestions for this website or if you spent your vacation in our flat, please post at our guestbook. Many Thanks.
Blick auf das Restaurant "Beach House" Sonnenuntergang über dem Golf von Mexiko
This Website is meant to give some information about the condo, the resort and the surroundings. As we are not living in close neighborhood this is a starting point and for sure it is far away from giving the complete picture. As I do use links to external sites I want to emphasis that I checked them carefully, but I do not take any responsibility for their content. The responsibility is with the owner of the respective site.
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